About me

Hello! I'm Jamie Bates, the heart and soul behind Lady Grace Quilts. Yes, that's me, the fabric whisperer, the stitch sorceress, the queen of quilts! Here, we don't just make quilts; we weave dreams with threads and turn fabric into a cozy haven.

Let me tell you a little secret—I have this special bond with fabric. I mean, who wouldn't? I spend hours in my sewing room, just admiring the vibrant colors and soft textures. Sometimes I even give them pep talks, because, hey, everyone needs a little encouragement now and then, even if you're made of cotton!

My journey into the world of sewing started with my fabulous Mamaw's ingenious brown paper sack trick. Picture this: a little me, getting a custom halter top made out of denim. It was a fashion moment, let me tell you! And that's where it all began—the spark for creating something out of nothing.

Fast forward to high school, and there I was, asking Santa for a sewing machine like it was the holy grail of gifts. I dove headfirst into sewing, making everything from aprons to, well, more aprons. Sure, I might have made a few rookie mistakes along the way (like trimming seams a tad too close), but hey, that's all part of the learning curve, right?

But here's the real magic—quilting isn't just about stitching fabric together. It's about weaving love and warmth into every single quilt. When I'm quilting away, I'm not just thinking about the stitches; I'm envisioning the cozy moments ahead. From building blanket forts to superhero cape adventures, each quilt has a story waiting to unfold.

So, welcome to Lady Grace Quilts, where every stitch is made with love, every fabric has a tale to tell, and every quilt is crafted to wrap you in warmth and joy.  Stick around, because we're about to embark on a colorful, whimsical journey through the world of quilting!  🧵✨